Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day one

Hard times are a part of life.
I acknowledge that some are worse than others, but.
(Pardon the custom punctualization) They all have one thing in common.
There is always a resolution for the problem at hand.
I can prove this.
Just look around you. Every where, every day, every one is getting by.
We would have failed as a species had we not been able to over come adversity.
Yet here we are. Plugging along.
I can say that humans are here to stay.
And since we are, I suppose we should make the best of it.

I believe we can shape the world around us. Collectively.
And that we each have the responsibility to use our individual skills, resources,
and knowledge for the good of all mankind.

I also believe that words are empty without intent. Words drift away on the wind
and dissolve into random electrical impulses deep in the tissues of the brain.
But, words that are backed by intent carry a weight with them that keeps them within reach until they are chemically emblazoned onto our gray matter.

And so my journey begins.
I have set out to achieve the achievable. I am going to free my family from
financial slavery. My wife and I are then going to help as many other families as we can with our newfound resources, and we are going to leave a legacy of compassion
and goodwill for our children to build on. And we are going to achieve this with your help.

We are starting the Underground Railroad, a path for families seeking financial freedom from the estblishment.

I am going to publish this blog about my adventure.
I am going to

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  1. Great blog and great ideas.. Goodluck husband.